Slipper Socks for Amelia


I finished knitting a pair of worsted weight slipper socks for Miss My Feet Are Always Cold. I think they turned out cozy and cute.

These were a quick knit, or rather they would have been if I hadn’t set them down and then left them for a few weeks. But all in all, active knitting time wasn’t long at all.

I ended up playing yarn chicken, and winning, at the end but it all worked out. Amelia is happy to have them on her feet and has been wearing them almost from the moment I finished knitting them.

They are big enough she can layer them over another pair of socks and I think they will fit her tiny little toes with plenty of room to grow.

The yarn was given to me, and I’m counting this as part of my 2019 Stash Down. I paid a small price for the pattern, but it was less than a dollar so this was an inexpensive project.

Yarn: a mystery yarn with no label that was in a bag of yarn given to me by a friend
Pattern: Plymouth Encore Worsted Kids Socks (I bought the pattern for 99 cents for Kindle) – please note that this is an Amazon affiliate link. Thanks!

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