Gnome Flax Pullover for Lucy

I finished a sweater! Don’t think that isn’t totally making me feel like I’m getting things done this “Finish Sh*t February” either. I’ve had sooooo many projects languishing on the needles and it feels really good to be finishing them up and sending them out to world, or in this case to my daughter Lucy’s sweater drawer.

Last fall we found this yarn, Lion Brand Mandala in the “Gnome” colorway, on clearance. Lucy was with me and was instantly drawn to it. She asked me to knit her a sweater. How could I resist?

I used portions of three different cakes of the yarn so that I could color match each sleeve to the body of the sweater. I didn’t finish any cake entirely, so I have quite a bit of yarn leftover of the four cakes I originally bought (little sister has already placed an order for a sweater for herself).

I think this turned out to be one of those rare times when it actually cost less to knit this sweater than it would have to purchase it (not counting my time, of course, because who can really put a price on a mama’s time?)

I altered the pattern to give it a roll neck, Lucy’s preference for sweaters that pullover. She’s like her mother in that things too close to her neck aren’t comfortable for her.

I made a few mistakes, like my accidental pattern modification on the sleeves, but all in all I’m pleased with how it turned out. I don’t often knit things bigger than socks or hats, so this was a great confidence builder and learning experience.

Best of all, Lucy loves it and that is always my goal when I’m knitting for my kids.

Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala in the “Gnome” colorway* (I purchased my yarn last fall on clearance at Meijer. It was around $1.50 per cake. I estimate this cost less than $4 to knit and I have a lot of yarn left over.) *NOTE this is an affiliate link to the sales page for this yarn on
Pattern: Flax Pullover by Tin Can Knits

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