A scrappy sweater

Remember the sweater I knit for one of my daughters earlier this year?

I was inspired by the #Helloscrapalong to knit a sweater for myself with the remnants of the Lion Brand Mandala yarn I used for L’s sweater and this lovely green fingering weight yarn a friend gave to me.

I had decided that this time around I wanted to get a little bit braver and try to knit something the was more form fitting and flattering to my current figure (I’ve been caught up in this mentality that I didn’t deserve this until I had a “nicer” figure – that attitude is bullshit and I’ve been working to conquer it).

I had to use some math, which isn’t my strength, and there are a couple of mistakes (hello crooked neckline – though I think it looks worse in the picture and isn’t so glaring in real life) and some things I know I would do differently next time.

However, I think the sweater turned out okay and I learned some new things for next time, which makes me happy. I feels good to smile when I am wearing something I have made.

The result is this bright, scrappy, striped sweater that makes me very happy to wear! It’s my first non-boxy shaped cardigan or sweater, and that new adventure feels good to knock off the knitting bucket list.

It is also the first time I didn’t really follow a pattern or a guideline from start to finish, but I relied mainly on my own experience. After 15 years of knitting, although admittedly sweaters are something I’m still a novice at knitting, I am learning what works for me and what doesn’t. I felt confident in, if not quite going it alone, at least taking the training wheels off.

I started with a pattern I have knit before that I knew fit me, got gauge and used those cast on numbers, and then jumped off from there adding my own shaping, sleeve length, and body length.

(Kind of like cooking with a basic recipe and then adding your own ingredients to the sauce.)

I will be knitting another scrappy project again, because this play between the fingering weight yarn and all those happy worsted leftovers was fun. I truly enjoyed knitting this! It felt like art to me, creating and playing and surprising myself felt good. In some ways I had to trust the yarn, trust the blends, trust my math and hope that the end would be worth it.

It was.

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