Dark Side of the Moon socks

I finished knitting these Dark Side of the Moon, extended play version, socks.

Side note and funny story: when I first met my husband a million years ago, I thought that Pink Floyd was the name of one guy. Luckily he thought this was cute and not stupid, and quickly set me straight.

Perhaps I’ve redeemed myself for this musical gaff by knitting these cool socks?

The yarn was purchased from Must Stash and is the Perfect Self Striping sock. I also used some scrap black yarn leftovers.

I knit them in my usual way, on 9 inch circular needles.

My middle daughter fell in love with the rainbows on these while I was knitting them, so I decided to make them for her.

The “payment” was that she had to pose for me, which is how she came to be laying on the floor with her feet propped against the wall while I coached her for the best foot viewing angel. The life of a knitter’s child is never dull, but hand knit socks make it worth it, I hope.

Finishing these gives me another work in progress to cross off for the KnitWipKal, which is a knitalong that runs through the end of 2019 with the goal of finishing as many WIPs (works in progress) as possible.

Slowly and steadily I’m working toward my goals, the ultimate of which is to finish projects with the idea of going forward as a more monogamous knitter (we shall see if I ever get that saintly.)

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