Superbulky Grandpa sweater

My first official finished object of 2020.

The pattern is the Super Bulky Grandpa Sweater and it was written by Jojo Locatelli and the yarn is Lion Brand Hometown USA in Carson City Tweed. I purchased the yarn last year in the ten for $10 sale and I estimate that it cost me about $8.50 to knit this sweater. Can’t be mad about that!

Aside from a small error on the shawl collar ( I bet some of you sharp eyed knitters can spot it ) this might be my most successful sweater knit to date.

I knit my first Surperbulky Grandpa sweater last February but once I saw the this yarn and it’s perfect rusty gold-yellow I knew I wanted to knit another and that this had to be the color.

I’m trying to focus more on knitting with colors I will actually wear and love, rather that just impulsively buying whatever yarn catches my eye. We shall see how this goes. It is difficult for me to be disciplined when it comes to yarn (and other things).

I am so pleased with this sweater and am looking forward to wearing it often during what remains of these winter days.

I hope this year is treating you well so far, friends.



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