Can I admit to not feeling very festive this St. Patrick’s day? No crafts, no treats, no green beer. We had a shepherd’s pie last weekend when my oldest was home and that was enough.

I did take advantage of the Spring-like weather and tidied up the back patio and the container garden. I changed the letter board and refreshed the batteries and reset the timer for our flameless candles.

Lu and I took a long walk around town. It was a gorgeous day. Most of the shops had their doors open and there is a big tent set up for a band behind the VFW. It felt good to stretch our legs and let the sun kiss our cheeks and noses.

The rain is coming back and I’m sure we’ll return to our cardigans and library book stacks. I’ve got some household administration and bookkeeping I need to catch up with too. But that’s tomorrow.

Tonight I’m going to leave the windows open as long as I can stand and feel thankful for this tease of warmer days.

This flower represents me as we stumble to the end of this time change week: ruffles and frills on the outside, wilted and fading on the inside. Pass the coffee, please.