Gray skies, gray mood
An older photo, but the mood is right.

It was a gray morning turning into a stormy afternoon, but it matches my mood. There’s a fuzzy gray cardigan around my shoulders. The honey bourbon candle we received as a Christmas gift is lit and scenting the room.

My teenagers are finishing up homeschool lessons and I have household bookkeeping to do as today is payday. We’ve switched back to cash envelopes and I’m still tinkering a bit with our cash budget categories for 2022. An unexpected expense and the desire to pad the gas budget forecasts a few months of barebones cash envelopes, but I cannot be anything but thankful. We’re in a good place, and not many can say that these days.

Other tasks on the list today:

  • empty all of the small trashcans
  • clean out the toaster crumb tray
  • general kitchen puttering / tidy up
  • menu plan and make a grocery list
  • clean all the glass and mirrors

And that’s me signing off for the weekend. I’ll be around Instagram, hosting my usual Friday night happy hour in stories (I share the posts that made me laugh each week).

The state of the world has me feeling extra tender. I fight against that with sarcasm and laughter, a pretty cocktail, and fresh flowers. Be brave, be kind, keep going. Have a good weekend, babies!