Today’s To-Do list:

Celebrate! My youngest has a minor and manageable health issue but one that sometimes causes her a great deal of discomfort and we have to be extra careful about certain things. She had an excellent doctor’s appointment today! We celebrated with a trip to a local coffee shop for steamers and played connect four.

Rest. My husband took a rare day off from work. We had more errands to run, and it is possible that’s what we should have done. Instead, we hit the pause button and had a restful empty afternoon. It felt good to take a middle-of-the-week afternoon off.

Soak. I purchased some lavender bath bubbles and plan to soak my troubles away before bedtime tonight. A bath is a small thing, but sometimes it is the small things that provide the ritual and comfort that I need.

If you’re feeling tender and bruised by what you’re carrying around I hope you find some things to put down. I’ve been reminded lately that just because I feel something doesn’t mean I have to stay in that feeling, I’m not stuck there. It’s a wave that passes, not a permanent condition.