the second week of November

a reminder I copied into my journal

I have a file called The Big List. Compiled from years of calendars and To Do lists, it is what I want to remember, celebrate, and accomplish.

From cleaning routines, celebrity birthdays, and my obsession with listening to records from our vinyl collection and watching movies on the date they were released, The Big List is the things I want to do, observe, and spend my time on in any given week.

Each week I think out loud as I’m planning and invite you to eavesdrop. Here is the week I hope to have:

11.6.22 – 11.12.22

  • 6th – Colts football game Almost not even worth it to remember this. Yikes.
  • 8th – Election Day
  • 8th – Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)
  • 11th – Kurt Vonnegut’s 100th birthday
  • We’re celebrating a family birthday

First things first …

  • What is essential?
  • What should I reschedule or omit?
  • What do I need help with?
  • What can I delegate?
  • Where can I cut corners or compromise? The goal is to take care of my home and family without running myself into the ground.

To Do / Enjoy / Remember:

  • Payday is this week:
    • Budget by paycheck
    • Stuff cash envelopes
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Clean out the freezer
  • Clean out the pantry, shelf by shelf
  • As I am cleaning out, plan meals using up items from the freezer and the pantry to free up space and hopefully some grocery budget cash
  • Daylight Savings / change the clocks
  • Changing the clocks wrecks me twice a year, so I’m making an extra effort to have gentle mornings and seek out silence this week
  • Check the water heater
  • Purchase paperwhite bulbs
  • Rake leaves, yard work
  • Inspect trees for broken branches after Saturday’s storm
  • Review recipes for the holidays
  • Begin stocking up on seasonal pantry staples, watching for sales I plan to stretch this out over the November paychecks
  • Brainstorm some frugal but crowd-pleasing ideas for potential potluck meals Trying to avoid panic mode when I find out,”there’s a pitch-in at the office tomorrow”
  • Do I have all of the cooking equipment I need and is it in good working order? I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, so this isn’t pressing for me
  • Stock the bar and conduct a wine inventory before for the holidays I probably won’t make purchases this week but I will be starting a shopping list
  • Work on holiday cards Anyone else having a difficult time getting into the greeting card mood this year? Or am I Kara Grinch?
  • Purchase some Christmas gifts
  • Upload October photos
  • Transfer October 2022 calendar notes to October 2023
  • Late Autumn wardrobe refresh/rotation
  • Update Roku screensaver – I use family photos
  • VOTE if you do nothing else, DO THIS!

I plan to put up my feet and knit along to …

  • Disney’s Robin Hood (released this week in 1973, a very good year if I do say so myself)
  • Holiday Baking Championship
  • Holiday Wars
  • Christmas Cookie Challenge
  • Gingerbread Showdown
  • Cheaper By the Dozen
  • Cheaper By the Dozen 2

This is a good time of year to bookmark the Christmas TV Schedule site.

I live where right now in the evenings it is perfect soft blanket, cozy sweater, and good book weather. I hope you’re enjoying your November so far.

My main influences:

  • Martha Stewart’s monthly calendars in her magazine (no longer in print).
  • Cynthia Ewer’s Organized Homewhich she has retired.
  • Alison May’s Brocante Home.
  • Frasier. Yes, the television show from the 1990s. You laugh, but it’s true.

Be brave. Be kind. Keep going. It’s tough out there, babies, but look at us making it work!