good-bye, 2022

That’s that.

Welcome! Each week I think out loud as I’m planning and invite you to eavesdrop.

Here is the week I hope to have:

12.25.22 – 12.31.22

  • 25th – Merry Christmas!
  • 26th – Home Alone pizza night, with Pepsi for Fuller (and no cooking for me)
  • 31st – New Years Eve

First things first …

  • What is essential?
  • Do I need help?
  • Where can I compromise?
Hang on to the calm and cozy a little while longer.

To Do / Enjoy / Remember:

  • Celebrate! Christmas Day! Home Alone pizza night! The college kids are home! Hooray!
  • Take a Christmas afternoon nap.
  • Be mindful. Relax. Don’t be in a rush to tidy or clean. Spend the 26th in pajamas. Read. Sleep in. Eat cookies. Put whipped cream on every hot beverage. Sit in the glow of the lights. Read some more. Pile stacks of soft blankets everywhere that cuddling up might happen. Go outside and breathe deeply.
  • Keep cooking easy. This feels like a good week for soups and salads.
  • At some point I’ll have to emerge from our cozy Christmas cocoon and do a grocery pick-up or order groceries delivered.
  • Tidy under the Christmas tree. No hurry to put presents away or take the tree down. Our extended family Christmas isn’t for a few more weeks.
  • Sometime this week, slowly, I’ll start adding in chores beyond the “minimum maintenance” mode I’ve been in for two weeks. I would like to start the new year with a clean slate, or at least a clean-ish slate.
  • Start writing thank you notes.
  • Update Roku screensaver – I use family photos and rotate them frequently

I plan to put up my feet and knit along to …

  • Any holiday movies we adore but didn’t get to over the past few weeks
Eyes facing forward.

My current influences:

  • Martha Stewart’s monthly calendars from her magazine (no longer in print).
  • Alison May’s Brocante Home website and online community as well as her seasonal home books.
  • Frasier. Yes, the television show from the 1990s. You laugh, but it’s true. From time to time I share images from my Frasier Book, a pandemic project I started in 2020. If you think that’s silly, wait until you hear about Frasier February.

Let’s be kinder than necessary this holiday season. (But with firm boundaries, okay babies? With firm boundaries.) Be brave. Be kind. Keep going.