The Big List 3.26.23

Glass half full or half empty, after a tough few weeks personally I’m just grateful to see the beauty.

Welcome! My name is Kara. You can learn more about me and why I write this blog here.

Here is the week I hope to have:

  • 27th – 28th – potential for five planets to be visible in the night sky (link is to NPR article)
  • 29th – (1886) CocaCola invented we are going to have coke floats to celebrate
  • April 1st – I detest the meanness and lies that sometimes go along with April Fools, but I do enjoy silliness and puns

First things first …

  • What is essential? 
  • Do I need help? 
  • Where can I compromise? Sometimes I need to remind myself that it’s okay to lower my standards in order to have less stress. No one is going to perish if the cookies are store bought.

To Do / Enjoy / Remember: Kara’s Big List

  • It’s a pay day week for us:
    • Budget x Paycheck
    • ATM / cash envelope stuffing
    • add to Christmas 2023 savings
    • make a deposit to the college kid’s account
    • write April bill due dates and pay days on the calendar
  • Put away winter supplies and snow gear IF our extended forecast shows clear weather
  • Wash, dry, and store wool sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves
  • Wipe down leather shoes, handbags w/ soft cloth (consider purchasing cotton dust bags)
  • Haircuts
  • Open the windows and let in some fresh air, weather permitting
  • Switch front porch flowers to lavender
  • Switch Winter photos around the house to Spring/Easter and display the vintage pink Kara bunny from my childhood
  • Change the letterboard
  • Photograph all March FOs (finished objects)
  • Upload March 2023 photos to Shutterfly
  • Change the calendars
  • Boiling water, baking soda, vinegar treatment to clear drains
  • Clean washing machine with Tide + Oxi washing machine cleaner
  • Purchase birthday wrapping paper
  • Finalize Easter / Spring celebration plans
  • Continue garden and patio clean up
  • Continue saving containers for seed starting 
  • Clean and refill birdfeeders
  • Catch up: anything from the last few weeks I need to finish up?
  • Update the screensaver on the Roku I use family photos and switch them out weekly
One of my teens and I decided to collaborate on a temperature blanket for 2023.

I plan to put up my feet and knit along to:

My current influences:

  • Martha Stewart’s monthly calendars from her magazine (no longer in print). 
  • Alison May’s Brocante Home website and online community as well as her seasonal home books.
  • Melissa Michael’s book A Lovely Life. (affiliate link)
  • During Frasier February, my annual rewatch, I wrote some lists about the show. I am creating a little landing page to organize them. I’ll link to it once I have things up and running. ☕️🎙️🐶

Thank you for how kind you’ve been to this little blog of lists.

I am approaching blogging differently this time around. No pressure on me and no pressure on you. Just a basic but (I hope) truly helpful little website. Thanks for reading!

I hope you got what you needed this week, babies. And if not, I hope next week is better.