The Big List 4.2.23

Hello, April. Be good to us, please.

Welcome! My name is Kara. You can learn more about me and why I write this blog here.

Here is the week I hope to have:

  • 2nd – IndyCar at Texas Motor Speedway🏁
  • 6th – Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2009)
  • 6th – Pink Moon
  • 7th – Billie Holiday’s birthday
  • 8th – Jack White Fear of the Dawn (2022)

First things first …

  • What is essential? 
  • Do I need help?
  • Where can I compromise? No one is going to perish if the cookies are store bought.

To Do / Enjoy / Remember: Kara’s Big List

I have a file I call The Big List. It has been compiled from years of calendars and To Do lists and is arranged weekly. The list is what I want to remember, celebrate, and accomplish. 🖤

  • Listen to the news ONLY when I’m washing dishes (you likely don’t need to do this, but I need to do it right now, so I’m being intentional and putting it in writing)
  • Clean the toaster
  • Clean stove top fan with hot water and Dawn
  • My cupboards are pretty much disasters, but I’m intimidated by the idea of cleaning them. I have decided to break the task up and clean just one cupboard a day over the next couple of weeks. I have 18 to clean. Here we go!
  • Vacuum HVAC fan vents / covers
  • Clean the box fans, stand fans
  • Replace dish sponge (every 2 weeks)
  • Purchase Spring themed napkins 
  • Spring clean the garage
  • Turn on the outdoor faucets
  • Air out comforter and pillows, wash duvet covers
  • Weather permitting, open the windows to let in some fresh air
  • Make Easter / Spring baskets 🌷
  • Look for those silly Easter take and bake cookies. These funny bunny cookies were the only Easter thing we could acquire from our grocery store in Spring of 2020. This is a weird thing to be nostalgic about, for sure, but these cookies are now part of our family tradition and they remind me how quickly things can change.
  • Dry clean winter coats before storing
  • Swap out beauty products, have a Spring refresh and rotate
  • Polish silver trays I can’t resist a pretty vintage silver tray
  • Take photos around the house
  • Drain the water heater (April and August) my spouse takes care of this task but it’s on my Big List document to help us both remember when it needs doing
  • Start tomato seeds
  • Continue garden and patio clean up Better Homes and Gardens had an article recently about prepping your garden for Spring 🌷
  • Continue saving containers for seed starting 
  • Catch up: anything from the last few weeks I need to finish up?
  • Update the screensaver on the Roku I use family photos and switch them out weekly

I plan to put up my feet and knit along to:

This middle-grade book was beautiful and sad and difficult and healing. The illustrations, the words, the family. There’s a blurb on the back calling it a book about how it’s okay to not be okay and I think that’s exactly right. ||| Julia and the Shark (affiliate link)

My current influences:

  • Martha Stewart’s monthly calendars from her magazine (no longer in print). 
  • Alison May’s Brocante Home website and online community as well as her seasonal home books.
  • Melissa Michael’s book A Lovely Life. (affiliate link) 
  • Frasier. I know, I know. But it’s true. I recently wrote some lists about the show and I am creating a little landing page to organize them and share with you. ☕️🎙️🐶

Thank you for how kind you’ve been to this little blog of lists.

I am approaching blogging differently this time around. No pressure on me and no pressure on you. Just a basic but (I hope) truly helpful little website.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you got what you needed this week, babies. And if not, I hope next week is better.