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profileKARA2019.JPGWelcome! I’m Kara. 

This space is for my creative projects and also other things I think are worth sharing. A curio cabinet, if you will. Kara’s collection of oddities, pretty rocks, and feathers. 

These are the words I would whisper to you to see if you were paying attention. These are the words I would shout at you above the noise of the crowd.

I am a frequenter of Instagram and horribly behind on email.  

I have been reinventing myself in these virtual spaces, trying on new dress after new dress. This one fits me best.

Many of you have been with me for a long time. That is humbling. 

Some of you are brand new and I’m thankful that I get to welcome you.

Some of you know my story. Some of you are strangers.

I’m glad I’m still here.

I’m glad you’re still here, too.

I hope you find some beauty at KEF that you can take away with you. Be brave. Be kind. Keep listening. Keep going. Please, please keep going.




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