Chronological Frasier

Image from my Frasier Book, a very long story at the end of which you will roll your eyes.

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Would you like to watch Frasier and view the history of the Cranes in chronological order? Okay, of course Frasier is already in order if you simply watch it episode by episode. However, there are some flashback episodes and it’s extra-nerdy fun to think about how those episodes fit in the overall Frasier universe timeline.

Note: it is not advised to do this for your first viewing of the series, as you’ll spoil some events.

While certainly not as involved and all encompassing as say, the Marvel Chronological Rewatch, there is a way to watch Frasier in chronological order.

You actually just need a two episode “twist” and you can settle in with the rest of the series.

Chronological Frasier

1. Begin with season 9, episode 4 The Return of Martin Crane which flashes back to the day Martin gets shot.

2. Season 3, episode 24 You Can Go Home Again uses flashbacks to show Frasier’s first week in Seattle and early days working at KACL. My daughter and I call this the “negative season Niles” episode because of how weaselly he is.

3. From here you can pick up with Season 1, episode 1 The Good Son and continue watching the series in order. ☕️🎙️🐶

And there you have it: Frasier in chronological order.

Note: in season 11 there is an episode, Crock Tales, which is almost entirely flashbacks. While a fun and heartwarming episode, personally I don’t think it’s necessary to divide it up scene by scene to do a proper chronological rewatch of Frasier. It’s a charming stand alone episode that acts as a retrospective at the end of the series and that’s how I prefer to view it.

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