Frasier: the Dinner Party episodes

Image is from my Frasier Book, a very long story at the end of which you’ll roll your eyes.

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Intimate affairs, holidays, and Marty Parties. Is there much better to laugh along with than a disastrous Crane dinner party?

I thought it would be fun to write a list of all of the party episodes from Frasier.

Frasier: “Perhaps this is just the warning we need. Today we’re planning a dinner party, tomorrow we’re wearing matching pajamas and washing each other’s hair.”

season 6, episode 17 The Dinner Party

The Dinner Parties

  • 1:6 The Crucible
  • 2:3 The Matchmaker
  • 2:24 Dark Victory
  • 3:5 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
  • 4:1 The Two Mrs. Cranes
  • 4:14 To Kill a Talking Bird
  • 4:19 Three Dates and a Breakup
  • (4:20 is part two, but no dinner party)
  • 5:3 Halloween
  • 5:17 The Perfect Guy
  • 5:21 Roz and the Schnoz
  • 5:22 The Life of the Party
  • 5:23 Party Party
  • 6:8 The Seal Who Came to Dinner
  • 6:17 The Dinner Party
  • 6:18 Taps at the Montana
  • 7:11 The Fight Before Christmas
  • 8:5 Taking Liberties
  • 8:17 It Takes Two to Tangle
  • 10:14 Daphne Does Dinner
  • 10:18 Roe to Perdition

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