The Frasier Lists

Welcome! My name is Kara. You can learn more about me and why I write this blog here.

I love lists and I write them for many purposes. Some of the lists I most love to write are lists about Frasier. This page serves as a guide for those lists so that I can share the fun with other Frasier fans.

You can scroll down if you are curious and/or horrified and want to learn more about how this odd project got started for me. Or, if you just want to get straight to the Frasier lists, well off you go!

“Be my eyes, Frasier”

My favorite episodes:

As of February 2023, these are my top five favorite Frasier episodes.

  • 7:9 The Apparent Trap “Do I know my son or do I know my son?” One of the best Lilith episodes in the series.
  • 6:1 Good Grief Frasier working through the stages of grief.
  • 6:19 I.Q. The restaurant scene is so funny, and the scene after where Frasier recaps their adventures to Niles makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. This episode goes well as a follow up to 1:22 Author, Author.
  • 10:11 Door Jam “Be my eyes, Frasier.”
  • 6:17 The Dinner Party My favorite episode, in part because it’s in real time, but also because it has terrific pacing and brilliant brotherly banter. This episode showcases the dynamic between the Cranes so well. Bonus: Niles’ amazing suspenders.
  • Honorable mention: 11:11 High Holidays Goth Freddy and fridge pants!
A glimpse at one of the first pages I ever created in my Frasier Book.

“This is great! This is great!”

These lists are from my Frasier Book. What’s the Frasier Book? A scrapbook I started in early 2020, when my original household notebook (a housekeeper’s diary of sorts that I had kept since my children were little) fell apart, along with what felt like the entire world.

We were quarantining and doing cozy things like baking bread, working jigsaw puzzles, and nurturing houseplants alongside the very bizarre like sourcing toilet paper and paper towels via neighborhood grapevines, and using cleaning wipes on our groceries.

I thought of Niles Crane with his air purifiers and Cafe Nervosa seat disinfecting ways quite a lot in those days.

I decided it would be fun and comforting to rewatch Frasier yet again. I also decided to replace that busted household notebook with a new one that was part diary, part Frasier fan book.

Was I thinking clearly at the time? No. Yet, to this day I continue it, constantly looking for stickers and quotes, writing lists as I rewatch, and obsessing over the silliness and joy of it.

This page was originally published on April 14, 2023. Coincidentally April 14 is the anniversary of Frasier the lab rat’s death, from season 4 episode 22 Are You Being Served? – known as “the hot and foamy” episode.

Now for me, April 14 will also be the anniversary of the day I began to share my Frasier Lists and Frasier Book with this small corner of the world.

Thanks for listening. ☕️🎙️🐶