Frasier: the Lilith episodes

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One of my absolute favorite characters from Frasier is Lilith. Their marriage was a disaster, but watching her character evolve and the way the show allows the relationship between her and Frasier to become a genuine friendship as the series goes on is one of my favorite things.

Watching Lilith and Frasier trade barbs is one of the most fun experiences about her appearances, of course. But in my opinion, Bebe Neuwirth and the writers also gave us a lovely gift by letting us view Lilith as a caring, if sometimes insecure, mother and also a loyal friend who is there for Frasier at a low point when he needs her support the most.

Their final episode together has a very moving scene where Lilith and Frasier reflect on their relationship and if they had never met. It’s touching and one that sticks with me when I reflect on my own relationships.

“With one hand the past moves us forward, and with the other it holds us back.”

– Lilith, 11:9 Guns N’ Neurosis

I was excited to read that Lilith will be making an appearance in the Frasier reboot and I look forward to seeing a beloved character again.

The Lilith episodes

  • 1:16 The Show Where Lilith Comes Back
  • 2:8 & 2:9 Adventures In Paradise: Part 1, 2
  • 4:7 A Lilith Thanksgiving
  • 5:15 Room Service
  • 7:9 The Apparent Trap
  • 8:24 Cranes Go Caribbean
  • 9:1 & 9:2 Don Juan In Hell: Part 1, 2
  • 10:6 Star Mitzvah
  • 10:13 Lilith Needs a Favor
  • 11:9 Guns N’ Neurosis

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