Frasier: the Freddy episodes

Image is from my Frasier Book, a very long story at the end of which you’ll roll your eyes.

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Oh, the stories about growing up in this quirky family that Frederick Crane could tell!

With Freddy, all grown up and living in Boston, as a confirmed character in the Frasier reboot I thought it would be fun to revisit the episodes of the original series that Frederick Crane appeared in.

We don’t see Freddy very often in the series. However when we do have a Freddy storyline it gives us a chance to see another side to his family members, and for that reason alone it’s always fun to me when the youngest Crane appears.

My favorite interactions are the father, son, and grandfather interactions, and we also get a few glimpses at future father Niles (for good or for hysterically bad) when he shares a scene with Freddy, too.

The Frederick Crane episodes

  • 3:9 Frasier Grinch
  • 4:7 A Lilith Thanksgiving While his parents are off trying to secure his admission to a prestigious school, Freddy is babysat by Martin and Niles. One of my favorite Freddy episodes.
  • 4:16 The Unnatural
  • 6:11 Good Samaritan
  • 7:9 The Apparent Trap
  • 8:10 Cranes Unplugged
  • 9:18 War of the Words
  • 10:6 Star Mitzvah
  • 11:11 High Holidays The Goth Freddy episode is legendary!

“Well thank you, Lilith, for mentioning this little development!”

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