Frasier: the Maris Murder Mystery trilogy

Image from my Frasier Book, a very long story at the end of which you will roll your eyes. Image altered to protect privacy and to prevent a spoiler.

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This series of three episodes, which my youngest daughter calls the Maris Murder Trilogy, is a very fitting end to the “appearances” of the character on the show.

I remember watching an old interview with David Hyde Pierce where he jokingly said that at a certain point the physical descriptions of Maris were so absolutely ridiculous that the show couldn’t have possibly cast an actor to play the character even if they had wanted to.

Frasier writer Joe Keenan had this to say about Maris:

“Suddenly she went from being just this excessively thin, chic, rich women, to being somebody who routinely defies the laws of physics. You would do jokes about her running off through the snow and leaving no footprints, or going on a wine trip and getting into a vat of grapes and not being able to break any. Some characters just have to be off-screen. The more you talk about them, the more impossible they become to cast.”

Frasier writer/producer Joe Keenan, quoted here

We may not have ever actually seen Maris, but she certainly made her mark.

The Maris Murder trilogy

  • 11:7 Maris Returns
  • 11:8 Murder Most Maris
  • 11:14 The Ann Who Came to Dinner I personally find the Ann storyline in this episode very annoying, but the episode is worth it for the Maris Crane character’s final bow in the show.
Image is of a sticker from my Frasier Book. I’m still searching for the Niles portrait sticker, as I think it will make the perfect addition to the page about the murder trilogy (isn’t this the nerdiest thing ever?)

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